2003 Teacher Reunion (in Atlanta) Pictures - Part 2

NOTE: Pictures courtesy of Roy McCarty.

The reunion was held at Bob Olson's home, which was designed by a former student of his!

Ed Kleczek-Steve Binegar-Rachel Binegar-Bob Olson-Paul Papineau-Duane Ernst-Ellen Ernst-Roy McCarty-Diane McCarty

Steve Binegar

Duane Ernst

Paul Papineau

Roy McCarty with his twin?

Harue Murphy-Wanda Olson-Judy Romine-Sandy (Tank) Stegmen-Rachel Binegar

Bob Olson and Bob Romine

Bob Olson-Roy McCarty-Tim Stegman-Doug Murphy

Steve Binegar and Carl Christopher

Bob Olson and Jim Geibel (a former student)

Steve Binegar-Carl Christopher-Jim Geibel-Bob Romine-Sandy (Tank) Stegman-Diane McCarty-Tim Stegman

Diane McCarty-Tom Ellinger-Doug Murphy

Ed Kleczek-Duane Ernst-Carl Christopher

Bob Olson-Duane Ernst-Ellen Ernst-Rachel Binegar-Steve Binegar

Rachel Binegar

Wanda Olson

Duane Ernst-Bob Olson-Bob Romine

Back Left to Right: Tim Stegman-Bob Romine-Bob Olson-Wanda Olson

Front Left to Right: Ellen Ernst-Duane Ernst-Judy Romine-Sandy (Tank) Stegman-Diane McCarty-Rachel Binegar-Roy McCarty-Steve Binegar

Bob and Judy Romine

Sandy (Tank) and Tim Stegman