In memory of our departed teachers...

NOTE: I don't have any additional information regarding these deaths. Sorry...

Doug Murphy (Math)

Nelson Faddies (Counselor)

[Died in 2006 from a heart attack.]

Rex Gleason (Principal)

[Died 4/12/08 from a heart attack and stroke.]

Jane Geiger (Music)

[Died 2/25/08 at age 87 from a lung infection.]

Yvonne Jaeger (Music)

[Died 11/17/06 from breast cancer.]

Roland Wiley (PE)

Joe Fitts (English)

Angelo Provenzo (Special Education)

Marybeth Downes (Art)

Ann Lertora (Nurse)

Coleman Burke (Social Studies)

Hazel Williams (Typing)

Roger Snodgrass (Counselor)

Ray Morais (French)

Maxine Eldridge (Special Education)

Mary Doll (Home Economics)